The company

BioChange has developed a proprietary patented technology platform, capable of encouraging the healing of damaged tissues to naturally repair.

In 2017 we began our medical development, aiming initially for skin tissue regeneration with potential for applications such as soft tissue augmentation after tumor removal and aging reversal. We have achieved breakthrough pre-clinical results that prove our scaffold’s ability to support tissue recovery, with notable vasculature of the newly formed tissue.

In our first phase, we developed and brought to market veterinary products that solve unmet problems of periodontal disease and urinary incontinence (commercially available). By improving the tissue healing process with our scaffold, we achieved an unprecedented effect, which was recorded in veterinary clinical studies and published in the Journal of Frontiers in Veterinary Science and the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine.


We utilize science to increase human healthy lifespan, restoring body functions and tissues lost with age.

Meet the Team

Executive leadership

Ishay Attar, MSc, MBA

Founder, Chairman and CTO

Keren Sinik, PhD

VP Operations

Hilit Hochman

 VP Marketing & Sales

Dorit Yaron, MBA

VP Manufacturing
& Managing Director of Veterinary Business Unit

Yuval Eitan, PhD

 VP Technologies

Advisory board

Mauro Wjuniski

Expert in dermatology marketing

Dr. Ofir Artzi, MD

CMO Aesthetic

Ayala Kobo, Bsc, MSc, PhD

Regulation, Validation and Risk Management Expert
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