Dog Incontinence Treatment

VetFoam™ is a novel treatment for canine urinary incontinence



In 2017, we noticed that our dog “Manga” was suffering from a urinary incontinence problem.
It was reflected in urine stains on her bed and also her fur was wet and smelled of urine.
After trying for a whole month a drug called PPA that worked well, our veterinarian referred us to an innovative treatment called VetFoam with high success rates at DVM Gilad Segev’s clinic.
The day after the experiment, Manga responded with multiple and brief urination.
But after two days we saw a significant improvement in both her mood and urinary urgency!
In fact, Manga has stopped suffering from urinary incontinence and is until now functioning perfectly normal :)
We thank Gilad for his dedicated care, personal attitude and professionalism!!
May we always trust good people who provide personal and effective care as we have received.
We would also like to thank Biochange who made this amazing treatment possible.
VetFoam treatment is successful for a long time.
Our deepest gratitude for sharing the VetFoam product that has helped us in more ways than words can describe.
many thanks!!

We treated our dog with the injectable VetFoam(tm) treatment for urinary incontinence.
We were very satisfied as the results were immediate and they had lasted for growing periods of time with every treatment.
We would gladly recommend this treatment for dogs with urinary incontinence as its result are immediate, long acting and free of side effects.