Iris Shichor, PhD


Dr. Iris Shichor, an experienced Israeli biomed entrepreneur, joined BioChange as a CEO and brings her extensive experience in managing product development projects from concept to product. Previous to joining BioChange, Iris co-founded and managed SipNose LTD., which developed a novel Direct Nose-to-Brain Delivery platform where she led the development together with the business collaborations, licensing deals, and company’s investments. Before that, she served as VP of R&D at ClearFarma, and as a Senior Scientist at NanoCyte. She holds a Ph.D. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a post-doctoral fellowship from the laboratory of Prof. Robert Langer (Harvard-MIT, HST), where she also been an Innovation Team member in MIT-Deshpande prestigious i-Teams course, a Sloan business school program.

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