December 2022

Winning 3rd place in the 2022 Beijing-Tel Aviv Innovation Conference ·

The 6th China-Israel Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition – (BTIC) 2022 on November 30.

December 2022

Winning the Excellence nomination at the Dongsheng Cup is held in China

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November 2022

MIXiii Health-Tech.IL – OIS track – Winner of the best presentation in the track.

September 2022

BioChange presents the ReGum™ at the VDF congress

BioChange presents the ReGum™ product for periodontal tissue regeneration at the Veterinary Dental Forum 2022, NV USA, the largest conference for Dental veterinary medicine.

May 2022

ReGum shows excellent results in a veterinary clinical study  

A clinical study conducted by key opinion leaders from Europe, evaluating the safety and efficacy of ReGum on periodontal disease in dogs, demonstrates the significant improvement in gum tissue regeneration using the ReGum product. ReGum is safe for use, with no adverse effects and highly effective in treating periodontal disease.

Mar 2022

BioChange launches a new product – ReGum 

BioChange Petcare division is launching ReGum – a regenerative implant for the treatment of moderate to severe gum disease in dogs. The ReGum is based on BioChange’s CellFoam™ technology, engineered for stimulating tissue growth.

Jan 2022

BioChanges’ CEO is chosen as one of the 100 most influential Technion graduates of all time 

Our CEO, Mr. Ishay Attar, is chosen as one of the 100 most influential Technion graduates of all time in one list with well-known entrepreneurs and Nobel laureates.

Nov 2021

BioChange’s patent is expanded to China and Israel

Two patents, stemming from BioChange’s first technology patent family, are approved, one in China the other in Israel. The patents cover the unique CellFoam™ technology. These certificates are expansion of our previous patent approvals in the USA and EU.

May 2021

BioChange’s patent is granted also in Europe

The CellFoam technology patent is granted also by the EU. This certificate is an expansion of our previous patent approvals in the USA.

October 2020

BioChange Ltd, the Università degli Studi di Milano, and BEL, have jointly announced their cooperation’s commencement supported by a bi-national governmental grant, that covers the development of a novel therapeutic for COPD.

July 2020

New publication of a veterinary clinical study evaluating the VetFoam™ product for treatment of urinary incontinence (JVIM) 

The publication summarizes 3 years of research by Prof. Gilad Segev, DVM Anna Shipov and DVM Hilla Chen at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital of The Hebrew University.

Results summary:
– Continence was achieved in 13/15 (87%) dogs after the first procedure and in 7/7 (100%) repeated procedures.
– Mean continence duration of 11.1 months
– 3 dogs still continent at last follow up (21, 22 and 36 months)
– Continence maintained way longer than the degradation time of the product, indicating tissue remodelling was achieved.

Link to article – The Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine

The story of BioWall™️ is covered also by the Jerusalem Post

BioWall™️ is a temporary bioprotective shield, sprayed into the nose and mouth. It forms a flexible thin film, adhering to the lining of the upper respiratory tract, including the nose, throat and the oral cavity. Once BioWall™️ is sprayed, it forms a bio-barrier protecting the tissue from infectious diseases such as the COVID-19, by physically blocking the virus landing site into the body.

Link to article.

June 2020

The story of tissue engineering and the fight against our inevitable ageing is covered by Globes, Israel’s leading business newspaper

Link to article (Hebrew)

BioChange expands its facilities

BioChange’s new ISO 7 clean room, built and approved. The establishment of a production line in a clean, controlled environment, is taking the company a step forward to the clinical phase of the BlueStim™️ product for skin regeneration.

May 2020

COVID-19 situation notice to our customers

Faced with this unprecedented situation by its scale and gravity, we put all the means at our disposal to continue to serve our customers.

We are attentive to the evolution of the situation and keep all staff informed of the latest safety recommendations or imperatives according to government directives. All these measures are the guarantee of being able to contribute to the maintenance of your activity and the continuity of care. As such, our team is available to answer your requests and has implemented solutions allowing them to keep in touch with you.

Continuity of service is a top priority for BioChange. Rest assured of our total commitment to support you on a daily basis during this unique time.

March 2020

BioChange’s US patent is granted

BioChange’s technology patent is issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office

September 2019

BioChange presents the VetFoam™ in the ECVIM-CA congress

BioChange presents the VetFoam™ product for treatment of Urethral Sphincter Mechanism Incompetence (USMI) in female dogs at the ECVIM-CA congress, Milano, Italy, the largest European congress for internal veterinary medicine.

August 2019

BioChange initiates a veterinary clinical study

BioChange initiates a veterinary clinical study testing the regeneration of certain connective support structure. The study is led by Dr Ana Nemec, from the Small Animal Clinic in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

August 2019

BioChange moves its headquarters to Yokneam Industrial Park

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