A novel scaffold for minimal invasive treatment of Urinary Incontinence (UI) in female dogs

VetFoam™ is an injectable scaffold engineered for stimulating tissue growth. As an agent for the treatment of urinary incontinence it remodels the urethra’s wall with a high rate of success, offering long lasting continence with minimal risk of adverse effects.


A regenerative implant for gum tissue repair

ReGum™ is a regenerative implant, for the treatment of periodontitis in pets. It is based on BioChange’s CellFoam™ technology, engineered for stimulating tissue growth. It has proven to be significantly superior to acceptable cleaning treatment with minimal risk of adverse effects. ReGum™ is safe, resorbable and efficient implant that is super easy to use, with no need of a membrane.


Youth in a syringe for skin rejuvenation

Revolette™ is an injectable formulation, engineered to stimulate tissue renewal and self-generation of collagen. As a treatment for the revival of aging soft tissue such as skin, it offers an initial bulking effect in the injected area and later modulates self-fibroblasts’ behavior to produce new collagen, leading to in-situ rejuvenation. The product is in development.


CellFoam™ as bio-ink

Engineered live organs outside of the body

CellFoam™ could be used as a printable cell scaffold to engineer artificial live organs outside of the body.

Main advantages of using CellFoam™ as bio-ink are: optimal cellular biocompatibility, clinical grade availability and structural flexibility.

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