BioChange is always looking for the right partners to validate and bring to market new products. BioChange’s CellFoam™ technology can be used for various applications, both ex-vivo and in-vivo.

CellFoam™ is a bio-adhesive 3D foam structure that starts out as a flow-able foam and solidifies into a functional porous tissue graft. It is made of natural materials, fully biocompatible and biodegradable and rich with cellular adhesion sites (RGD motifs), making it an ideal scaffold for cell growth.

CellFoam™ as bio-ink

CellFoam™ could be used as a printable cell scaffold to engineer artificial live organs outside of the body. The main advantages of using CellFoam™ as bio-ink are optimal cellular biocompatibility, clinical grade availability, and structural flexibility.

The technology is based on enzymatic crosslinking of gelatin. Using an enzyme crosslinker for the shape stabilization process escapes the need for toxic chemical crosslinkers or the use of UV light. As such, there are no free radicals or side reactions, that might adversely affect the cellular environment. Moreover, gelatin is a medical-grade biomaterial, with a long track record, used in implantable products. It has minimal immuno-reactivity, being superior to collagen which may produce allergic reactions.

CellFoam™ offers several more advantages as bio-ink: the foam is adhesive, its rheological properties and pore size are controllable and it can be easily combined with additional materials. The use of an enzyme for cross-linking eliminates the necessity for specialized equipment and other photo-sensitive additives. The materials are manufactured under clinical grade standards with full traceability and reproducibility, hence making the step up to the clinical trials smooth, uncostly and quick.

The combination of these characteristics makes CellFoam™ an ideal bio-ink for development of human tissue replacement organs, solving various unmet medical needs.

BioChange invites potential partners, who are experienced in the field of bioprinting, or any other domain in tissue engineering, to contact us at and explore ways to collaborate.

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