VetFoam™ – For pet owners

What is urinary incontinence?

Urinary incontinence means that a pet suffers from involuntary urine leakage, peeing unintentionally and uncontrollably. This happens when the urethra, the tube from which urine exits the body, becomes loose and does not close tightly at will. The severity can range from occasional small urine leaks to frequent urine amounts. It causes great discomfort both for the dog and the owner. It can also cause symptoms such as skin irritation and can sometimes lead to other complications such as bladder and kidney infections. 

How does the VetFoam™ treatment work?

Once injected into the dog’s urethra, VetFoam™ encourages self-repair of the damaged area and replacement of the impaired loose tissue, with new tight and functioning tissue. VetFoam™ treatment has proven to be safe, continence is immediately achieved and lasts for the long term. VetFoam™ is injected by a certified, specialized veterinarian, in a minimally invasive procedure that requires full anesthesia.

Is it good for my dog?

VetFoam™ is an innovative product, that encourages the tissue to repair and strengthen, providing a long-term efficacy.

Current alternatives include diapers, drugs, or major surgical interventions. Diapers require multiple uses and are inconvenient for the dog owner and pet. Drugs such as PPA also require inconvenient daily dosages and may have adverse side effects. Major surgical interventions have relatively low success rates and high complication rates.

Finally, VetFoam™ is safe and ensures a high quality of life for the pet and its owner for a long time.

Where do I get it?

In order to get VetFoam™, pet owners must address their veterinarian. VetFoam™ treatment is performed only by veterinarians who are Urologists or Internal Medicine Specialists. In case you or your veterinarian are interested in this treatment, please contact us:

Frequently asked questions – pet owners

Why should I treat my dog with VetFoam™?

VetFoam™ is a safe and effective novel agent, for the management of urinary incontinence in female dogs. An independent study conducted by Israel’s leading veterinary hospital showed high success rates (87%) following the first procedure with a mean continence duration of 11.1 months. It is a minimally invasive treatment with minimal risk of side effects.

Does one treatment of VetFoam™ guarantee long term continence?

VetFoam shows high success rates (87%) in the management of urinary incontinence following the first procedure. Treatment efficiency and continence longevity can vary between canine patients. In some cases, a single treatment lasted 3 years, in others repetitive treatments were required.

Is my dog too old / too young to get the VetFoam™ treatment?

VetFoam™ treatment is not age-dependent.

Is VetFoam™ safe for use?

VetFoam™ is a biomaterial made of natural materials. The product is sterile and is applied by trained personnel. It’s safety for use in the treatment of urinary incontinence in female dogs was confirmed in a veterinary clinical study.

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