Revolette™ – Dermal Regenerative Scaffold


The skin is the largest organ in our bodies, responsible for critical daily functions. It shields us from external threats like viruses, bacteria, pollutants and sunlight. It interacts with the world outside as well as the one within our body, playing a central role in our appearance.

As we age, collagen fibers (the main component of skin) break down and lose their physical integrity. From the age of 18, we lose about 1% of collagen every year!  This degenerative process is irreversible. In addition, there is a high incidence of soft tissue damage among healthcare patients, caused by acute injuries or elective procedures such as breast lumpectomy or tumor removal surgery. The aesthetic results of these surgeries are often unsatisfactory, affecting patients’ self-image.  Current treatment options rely heavily on surgical procedures and autologous implants, which have limited success rates and are associated with patient morbidity.  New biomaterials for soft tissue augmentation are in demand given the limitations of current materials and the surge in elective and non-elective surgical procedures. Moreover, the ageing demographics will increase demand for skin solutions that enable preservation of a healthy and youthful look and heal the skin in the event of trauma.

The age of aging-well is here

Revolette™ injectable filler-scaffold was developed for aesthetic dermatology and reconstructive surgery, based on our validated CellFoam™ technology. Our solution is bio-engineered to provide an optimal scaffold support for fibroblast stimulation and tissue regrowth. A product that solves the tremendous need for a safe and injectable bio-stimulant, with an immediate clinical outcome and long-lasting result.

Once injected into the tissue, Revolette™ maintains a robust 3D structure, providing an abundance of cellular attachment sites for neighboring skin cells (fibroblasts). This new environment facilitates recovery of existing collagen as well as stimulates the production of new collagen.


Revolette™ is the first of its kind and presents an opportunity for clear market disruption by providing a comprehensive solution to a wide range of unmet soft tissue repair applications.

It’s time to effectively repair damaged tissue, help patients regain their confidence and feel comfortable in their own skin.

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